Shepard Fairey in town for Wooster Collective 10 year Anniversary

So yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet one of the most regarded political artists in the street art world. Needless to say, I was super nervous. My stomach was a gravity-defying empty bubble and everything seemed like it was floating. Introvert problems. For real.

Shepard is in town for the Wooster Collective's 10 year Anniversary celebration and art show. Tonight is their opening, which includes work from world-renowned street artists like Miss Van (a personal favorite (!!!)) Swoon, Space Invader, ice cream lover BuffMonster and so many more.

We talked about art history, politics in the art world, immigration reform, and fellow artist beef. I got a lot of content for my graduate thesis as well. Some of the interview is published in an article on Remezcla here.




Fairey and his assistants were putting the finishing touches on the mural when I arrived. The center of the mural features a lotus flower woman holding an Obey emblem betwixt the words Peace and Justice. The details were rendered in a cream paint while the background brick was stained a deep maroon. I visited several of the other murals, part of the Dumbo Murals project metamorphosizing the walls under the BQE. See below.

shepard mural.jpg
mural 2.jpg
mural 3.jpg
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